Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ask the Start Stop and Continue Questions

Creating Video Ads with Slideshow

Since it launched last October, businesses have been using slideshow to create videos ads for Instagram and Facebook. With slideshow, advertisers can produce lightweight video ads from a series of still photos. That way, businesses that don’t have time or resources to create video content, can quickly create videos from assets they already have.

Earlier this week, Facebook announced new features to the slideshow ad product. In addition to updates to audio and text functionality, advertisers can take existing video assets and turn them into slideshows that play on lower connection speeds — in just a few clicks.

Read about all the new features and tools, how businesses like Stance Socks are using slideshow, and how to get started with slideshow today.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Make Company Name and Product Name the Same

How Businesses Are Starting to Use Instagram Stories

Two weeks ago we launched Instagram Stories — a new feature that lets you share all the personal moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. Since the launch, people in our community have come out from behind their cameras to share their behind-the-scenes moments, daily happenings and personalities through stories. More than just people in our community, businesses of all sizes around the world have been sharing stories with their followers, too. “It’s early days but we’ve been impressed with the types of stories brands are sharing — from behind the scenes to new product offers — in all industries from automotive to fashion,” says global lead for Instagram Creative Shop, Kay Hsu. “It’s fun to see business’ personalities shine through their stories.”

Here’s how a few brands in our business community are approaching Instagram Stories:

J.Crew To run a one-day pre-sale of its new Jane in Pink sunglasses among its loyal Instagram community, J.Crew (@jcrew) turned to stories. Because stories disappear after 24-hours, this was the ideal place for the company to experiment with a limited-time sale. Centered around the sunglass’ distinctive color, the pink-centric story featured staffers at J.Crew headquarters sporting the rose colored glasses in a natural, personal and fun way. The story complemented the brand’s feed to make sure people saw the pre-sale information and didn’t miss out on the excitement.


In a behind-the-scenes story, Mercedes-Benz (@mercedesbenz) shared a compilation of videos and photos of a photo shoot highlighting its Mercedes-AMG model. The rainy story not only showed off the dramatic German countryside, but the latest features of the vehicle.

Taco Bell

In its inaugural story, the food chain ventured into the world of the unknown. Using a combination of videos and features of stories — like the drawing tool — Taco Bell (@tacobell) employees entered the world of stories. Once inside, they asked Taco Bell enthusiasts to direct message them what they’d like to see most — food, games or behind the scenes — on its Instagram Stories feed. After the initial story ran, the company tailored its content based on its community’s participation.

AFAR Media

Multi-platform travel media brand, AFAR Media (@afaremedia), shared its first Instagram Story from Germany’s Mosel Valley. Its associate editor in chief took followers on a tour around the quaint village — from wine tasting to capturing views atop Bernakstel-Kues. At the end of its story, AFAR Media captured a shot of its website encouraging viewers to enter its Traveler’s Choice awards.


In its first short, but tasty story, Starbucks (@starbucks) showcases its iconic caffeinated drinks that are perfect for summer. Through a combination of photos and video — both enhanced with the stories neon drawing tool — the coffee chain highlights its chilled cold brew and iced Americano with cream.

Whether it’s spontaneous, insightful, quirky or dramatic, these are a few ways businesses are experimenting with stories. For more inspiration, take a look at the ways some of your favorite businesses approach Instagram Stories. Over time we look forward to introducing new advertising and other business opportunities as part of Instagram Stories. In the meantime, we’re excited to see all the ways our community will use it to highlight their businesses on Instagram.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Sales Training

Using Instagram Business Tools: Jelly Skateboards People in our…

Using Instagram Business Tools: Jelly Skateboards

People in our community use Instagram to turn their passions into business every day. Born from Southern California roots, founder and CEO of Jelly Skateboards (@jellyskateboards), Sven Alwerud, did just that. After crafting a unique skateboard — with its distinctive clear deck and colorful wheels — the founder needed a way to get the word out. So he turned to Instagram. “It’s such an easy, awesome way to create rich branding for a company,” says the CEO. “It’s a powerful tool to display what we’re all about and how you live that lifestyle.” But more than getting the word out about his San Diego-based brand, the CEO also makes sales with Instagram. “Instagram is invaluable — if you want to get more customers, you want more engagement or you want more conversions.”

To help the business community get even more out of their experience on the platform, we recently launched Instagram Business Tools. These tools allow businesses stand out, get insights and find new customers on Instagram. Since the launch, Sven has used the tools to help improve his strategy on Instagram. “With business tools, I can see which posts perform best on my feed, and then use those in campaigns,” he says about the insights tool. “You can’t optimize your feed or your ads based on feeling, you need analytics.” In addition to optimizing his campaign, Sven uses the tools to easily promote posts right from the app. “I promote posts in the app to raise awareness of events and sales I’m having.” He continues, “Since you can choose specific targeting, like location, it’s an awesome way to get more reach quickly.”

Like Sven, businesses around the world use the platform to grow their businesses. So today, Instagram Business Tools is rolling out to all markets. Business profiles and insights will be rolling out to all countries over the next few weeks. The ability to create a promotion from within the Instagram app will be rolling out over the next several months. To get started, watch these step-by-step instructions on creating a business profile on Instagram.

Watch the video above to see how Sven grew a thriving business with the help of Instagram. And get more help with business tools at the Advertiser Help Center.